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8 Tips on How to Win at Live Roulette
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8 Tips on How to Win at Live Roulette


When it comes to listing the top most indulgent in casino table games, roulette seems to always top the list. Invented in the seventeenth century, this indulgent has stood out as among the few games that have managed to remain relevant in the gambling industry for hundreds of years. The inventor of this game was a scientist who went by the name Blaise Pascal. However, the game was not realized as until the idea was adopted by two brothers who transformed it into a gaming machine.
Roulette has its roots in France, where it was highly referred to as ‘the little wheel’. After the French Revolution that this game was presented to the outside world. Once it traveled to the corners of the earth, the original version was revised to give rise to numerous variations of the game. However, the basic aspects of a rotating wheel were maintained.

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Types of Live Roulette

When the live casino was introduced to the gaming platform, online gaming software providers focused their attention on the provision of table games more than any other gaming category. With roulette being among the most popular games in this set, it is widely provided in numerous versions. European roulette, which is the closest variation to the original version of the game known as French roulette, stands as the most played version of this game. American roulette, which was invented in America as suggested by the name, is the second most popular. The European version beats the American one due to the inclusion of an extra pocket in the latter, giving the casino a higher edge over the player. Other types of live roulette include:

Live Roulette Winning Tips

Like any other game, strategy has to be employed to give one the best chance of making the most out of the stakes they place. Some of the tips on how to win playing live roulette include:

  • Free games trial

This pointer applies to nearly every game that is available online. When online gaming software developers create their games, they provide them with free versions; this means that no money has to be wagered for one to join in the gambling fun. Even though live dealer games are not big on the provision of free to play live roulette, a few of them have incorporated the option. The gambler is offered fun money that they will use to place wagers. Additionally, they can play at a table with actual players. According to reviews, one of the software developers that has managed to do this seamlessly is VivoGaming. However, if your preferred online live casino provider does not have free to play versions, you can try out the online casino free games that are run using the RNGs. That way, you will have an idea of how the game is played before you join the table.

  • Have a budget

Like slots, roulette is a fast-paced game that could see you spend more than you can comfortably lose, which could be a problem in other areas of your life. To avoid such circumstances, always have a specific amount set aside for live roulette; this amount should not be a dime more than what you can handle losing. Once the set amount is depleted, walk away from the tables and start saving again for another gaming expedition.

  • Let go of losses

When it comes to live roulette and all other sorts of gambling, either of two things is sure to happen: you either win or lose, and there is no way of telling which one will happen then. Some nights you may face tough luck and end up going home with a negative bank account. Once your wagering money has run out, and your losses are still more than your wins, walk away. You do not want to risk your money on chances you are not sure of trying to recover your lost money. Remember that other days are coming where you can come back to the table and have better luck.

  • Save your winnings

One mistake that most players make is that they place stakes using the money they have won from the live roulette rounds. Instead, consider saving all or almost all the cash you win. For instance, if you began wagering with two hundred dollars and in a couple of hours end up with one thousand dollars, put aside the extra eight hundred dollars or a significant chunk of it. If you want to continue to play, wager using the two hundred dollars you started out with. That way, even if you lose this time, you will go home with an extra six hundred dollars in your pocket.

  • Take advantage of roulette rewards

Bonuses and promotions are an essential part of online casino culture, and live casinos are no exception. Most casinos come with bonus rewards such as free chips from gamblers who indulge in live roulette, and deposits mostly trigger them. Use these bonuses to gain winnings without having to spend too much of your own money. Remember that even if the odds do not work in your favor, you will not be putting holes in your pockets either. However, before claiming any bonuses, remember to carefully read through the wagering requirements to ensure you are up for what is being asked of you.

  • Choose European over American roulette

As stated above, European roulette comes with better odds for the gambler than the American version. This is because the European version has thirty-seven pockets numbered one to thirty-six. American roulette, on the other hand, has an extra pocket that has a double zero included on the wheel. This leaves the house with a higher advantage over the player. In most cases, European roulette has a house edge of about two percent while the American version has well over five percent. However, this does not mean that the player is bound to have more wins in the European version than the American one. Roulette is a game of chance, and the outcome can take any direction.

  • Place outside bets

The stakes placed in roulette are categorized in two: inside and outside bets. The inside bets consist of single number and split stakes, which come with high winnings. However, the chances of hitting a win are slim. Outside bets are those that consist of color bets and odd or even number bets. These wagers come with much higher chances of a win even if they are not as significant as those of inside bets.

  • Study previous rounds

Even though the outcomes of previous rounds do not play a determining role in the outcome of the game, they can help you decide the best chance you have. For instance, if the last ten winners have landed on odd numbers, it’s best to place your wager on odd numbers.

Final Comments

Live roulette is quite immersive since it presents the use of human dealers, making it feel as though one is at an actual casino. When indulging in these game sets, it is best for one to always select a reputable casino to deal with uncomfortable situations. Always check to see that a reputable licensing body licenses the establishment, and the reviews provided by gamblers who have tried it are positive.

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