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Baccarat Squeeze by Playtech
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Baccarat Squeeze by Playtech


The Squeeze Feature

For the past few years, casino fans have come to love the kind of experience that is usually delivered by Baccarat Squeeze game by Playtech. What makes this Playtech baccarat variant is that it has been designed with a couple of camera views that contains very visible card close-ups for those who want to take advantage of many realistic games.

The other notable feature in this variant is the card squeeze or the dealers’ peak that can be seen by all punters. The squeeze characteristic of this game has grown to be loved among Chinese punters especially the ones residing in Macau.

They have grabbed the world’s attention by taking part in traditional squeezing of the cards before revealing the value of the card by turning its face down. Although the practice has been described as damaging to the cards, it is thrilled with much fun especially when the chance to see it up close emerges.

squeeze baccarat tutorial

Playing the Baccarat Squeeze by Playtech

In this kind of variant baccarat gameplay, the types of payouts and bets apply, and the third card rules. Players will bet against other players, bank as well as the game progresses. The payouts for these bets are as follows: betting on the player would earn the player 1:1, betting on the tie would earn a player 8:1, while the banker would earn the player a payout of 0.95:1.

At certain times, the Pair side bets, which are optional, might also be available. This is how the game will begin; the player would, first of all,e put his/her bet. The dealer would then respond by issuing two cards: to the banker and the player.

Once that is done, the dealer would convert the cards face-up and only the cards that have been dealt to the place that has the leading cumulative wagers are squeezed. A third card would only be issued when either the player or the banker as a total of 9 or 8, and all of them remain standing.

The other important thing is, when a player has a total of five, there are other things they can still achieve. They still stand a chance of being issued with the third card. That is, however, not the end to when a third card can be dealt.

The other circumstance when a third card can be dealt is when the player stands and the banker knock a total of five or even less.

The Key to Squeezing

The reason why cards are squeezed at this live baccarat is to showcase certain parts of the card one at a time. For instance, a player can possibly look at the side of the card first and notice what can be seen. When three dots are seen, it is common sense that the card could only be one of these values: a 6, a 7 or an 8. When they take time to view the other cards, they will come to notice that no dot represents an ace, a 2 or a 3. Two dots, on the other hand, represent either a 4 or a 5. When it comes to four dots, the result might simply be a 9 or a 10.

There is also the picture card, which is valued at zero and shows a solid line that is situated on picture’s edge. As earlier indicated, one card would be squeezed, and this would reveal the side value. This will enable the player to tell whether the card is a picture is a value.

The second card would be squeezed, and it would also reveal the side value. While squeezing certain cards might reveal a desirable value, some aren’t. Two picture cards would show a zero, and that would mean the card has a six, a seven and an eight.

What Are the Major Benefits to Those Who Play Baccarat Squeeze by Playtech

Live dealer squeeze Baccarat is a special game that has so much to deliver. It has some of the key benefits that gamers would not find in any other online gambling site. Here are some of them:

  • The first notable one is the High Definition camera that is installed in strategic positions. Their main aim is to ensure that all the action is captured as it unfolds
  • The squeeze feature of this live dealer has been recreated in crystal clear close-ups. This is another thing that makes the online live squeeze baccarat by Playtech as special one
  • There is also a well-selected choice of roads that have been included in the casino. These roads have been incorporated with the sole purpose of assisting the bettor with their gambling choices
  • One area where Playtech has worked hard in is ensuring that the game comes with a brand new user interface. The new user interface is one of the distinguishing features that this casino game from Playtech has.

As earlier indicated, there are basic Baccarat gaming rules as well as table payouts that still apply to this particular game.

Before You Go…

The live dealer baccarat squeeze from Playtech software has entirely recreated the entire baccarat gaming in the whole globe. As a matter of fact, it has outdone some of the most established land-based casinos. It offers the punters a true experience for a live dealer gaming. With a bean-shaped table, this particular variant introduces something that is completely new in this market.

The cards that are dealt face down before they are squeezed. When that is added to the great and new user interface that this game has, it becomes one of the best that punters can sample. The game is promulgated to a whole new level with its choice of roads, and the additional side bets it has.

Give it a try today. Squeeze and win.

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