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Benefits of Playing Live Casino Table Games
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Benefits of Playing Live Casino Table Games


With every dawning day, online gambling technology keeps evolving so that betting enthusiast can enjoy more immersive, more enjoyable sessions in their favourite games. This technological revolution started with the introduction of online casinos back in the 90s. With the rise of online gambling sites, avid punters were now able to play their favourite titles right from the couch at home.

However, even with such a milestone, something was still missing because fans of table and card games, in particular, wanted more.  As a result, the casino software provider companies came to the rescue with online live casino games to add an extra touch of excitement. And for sure, it worked, remarkably well. So, in this review post, we are going to take a look at all the benefits that you will appreciate when you play live casino games online.

benefits of live games

What Are Live Casino Table Games?

Just in case you don’t quite get the full meaning of live casino table games, well, essentially, they are real-time web broadcasts of the proceedings of a real-life gambling arena. These webcasts are run by an actual pit boss or croupier who deals the cards on the table or spins the roulette wheels for the participants on the other end of the screen (mobile or desktop) depending on the game.

In these live dealer arcades, cameras are capturing every step of the game as those table games are being played. That way, you get to watch the live stream on your PC or smartphone or tablet back at home or wherever you’d want to watch it. You can then play live casino games online by placing real money bets via your computer the same way you’d do when you visit any casino, only this time you don’t have to visit the betting den on dry land.

One major difference with the regular online betting games is that they don’t utilise the Random Number Generator software to determine the results of the game. They are based on chance just like the ones in a brick and mortar gaming facility.

What Are the Benefits of Live Casino Games?

Now that you know what live-dealer games are about; let us now discuss the benefits. Live casino games have plenty of advantages and if you have never tried them out, below are the reasons why you should try them out.

  • Security and Fairness

With normal online betting sites, the outcomes are based on software which difficult, could be tampered with in favour of the house even though it’s rather difficult and rare for that to happen. When it comes to live casinos, on the other hand, the games operate just as they would in a conventional land-based site. You get to see how everything goes on via a live stream camera from the start to the end of the game. Therefore, there’s no possibility of monkey business as you can monitor how the cards are dealt and how the wheel is spun.

  • Interactive Social Aspect

When you play live casino games online, you get to play with real people irrespective of your geographical location. This type of gaming brings back the social aspect that was initially lost with the onset of online gambling. It’s just like you playing with real people, and you get to sit on the virtual seat before a dealer with whom you can interact. Furthermore, what brings the social aspect of life is the fact that you can interact with the dealer as well as your fellow players, just like you would in an actual gambling facility on dry land. Without a doubt, live betting on the tables is more welcoming than playing against a machine.

  • Additional Privacy

This is a major benefit to most players who play live table games via the internet. Many people are keen on keeping their betting expenditure private and wouldn’t like others to know what they have wagered because of many reasons. One of the main reasons why some punters do this is for security reasons where they fear they might get robbed. On the other hand, other gamers have a fear of being embarrassed after losing money and completely coming without winning anything at the table. So, whatever your reason for being private, playing live table games should be your way to go. In fact, no one will even know who you are thanks to the in-game avatars in the lobby.

  • Relatively Faster Payouts

Unlike gaming at a brick and mortar site, casino attendants don’t handle financial transactions when you play live casino games online. The attendants’ speed can’t be compared to computer technology that handles huge sums of monetary transaction in a matter of seconds. Thus, your payouts from the table games will be handled much faster and depending on the payment option that you use; your earnings will be added to your account directly and immediately. Well, fast is never better when there is no safety fused with it. All the top rates live casinos have the 128-bit encryption technology embedded in their software. So, you’ll enjoy both exceptional speeds and impenetrable security for your transactions.

  • Available 24/7

Unlike lots of gaming houses in Las Vegas, Macau or Monte Carlo internet based live dealer clients are available around the clock. What a benefit! Live casino games with therefore be a click away whenever you want to quench your gambling thirst whether it’s early in the morning or late at night.  All you need is a strong internet connection to start playing live; anytime you’d feel like even when it is late in the night, you can always play. This kind of accessibility makes it easier for you to place wagers online without thinking about time or location.

  • Relatively Higher Bonuses

The live-dealer clients at internet gaming sites usually have generous bonuses and promotions. This is mostly to psych up players to wager more to keep enjoying electrifying experiences at the lobby. In most land-based casinos, on the other hand, they don’t give out as many bonuses compared to the cyberspace counterparts. For instance, if you sign up for a live table game in some gaming arenas, you are entitled to a welcome bonus of even up to $300 in betting money. And by the way, the live gaming section usually comes with bigger promotions compared to the regular games available on the same site. However, you must make a point of always reading the terms and conditions before claiming the bonus rewards.

  • Wider Betting Ranges

When it comes to varieties for wagering, you get a better deal at the live casino as you can select the betting range that suits your budget especially if you are a high roller. This kind of an advantage is usually not found in the other game varieties at the betting site unless you have attained a VIP status.

On the flip side, low rollers will have a better session betting live at cyberspace sites compared to the land-based facilities. That’s because, in the traditional casinos, popular table games are offered with high betting amounts due to various reasons, one of them being; the table games take the significantly wide amount of space.

  • Highly Experienced Players

Another of the benefits live casino games come with is the fact that you can take on highly experienced gamers for some more exhilarating gaming sessions.   Apart from interacting with well-trained and certified live dealers, the experienced players will keep you on your toes. At the end of the day, you’ll enjoy great satisfaction after each session and earn bragging rights with every win that comes your way

  • Great Customer Support

Thanks to the experienced croupiers who are adequately trained to help players whenever they are in need, you will never get stranded in the live betting mode. Thanks to the live chat feature, support teams are readily available at all times. So, if you’ve been having second thoughts, you shouldn’t because help will always be a click away.

Parting Shot

Thanks to the live streaming technology, real-time betting on table games are much more interactive, in the sense that it brings the casino environment to your fingertips. You get to have the first-hand feeling of being in a real casino playing. Moreover, because all financial transactions are safeguarded with tamper-proof encryption with super-fast payouts, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try out live betting.  

Gone are the days or having to plan entire trips hundreds or even thousands of miles away just because you have that trifling gambling itch. Pick any of our recommended gaming sites and go to the live table games section for a few quick rounds including sit and go tournaments. For sure, switching to real-time gambling online has many more benefits than we could list here. To enjoy the benefits mentioned above and much more exciting betting, you should sign up to have some mind-blowing fun and make some real money while you’re at it!

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