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Common Draw Blackjack
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Common Draw Blackjack


General Information about Common Draw Blackjack

common_draw_blackjackNet Entertainment, usually abbreviated as NetEnt developed this incredible game towards the end of 2013, and from that time, it has been continuously streamed from its Maltese premium studios.

One amazing fact about this game is that it is capable of accommodating just a good number of casino players, and thus making it the best when you are looking for a table game to play especially when the time is at its peak.

This awesome blackjack game from NetEnt is played with 6 decks of cards that are automatically shuffled. The kind of return it has on the gamers cannot be compared to any other casino game provider. As a matter of fact, it comes with an incredible return to player percentage of 99.5%. The most important thing to note about this live dealer blackjack variation is that a common set of cards are put into play to increase the bets that have been placed in a given round, thus increasing the scalability of the game.

One of the most interesting facts about this great game is that all players are dealt the same initial two cards before it is later taken up to each of them to enable them to come up with their own decisions. They will be able to decide whether to hit, stand, split or double. All these choices are at their disposals.

Playing the Common Draw Blackjack by NetEnt

The first sign that you will notice when you launch this game is the “Place your Bets” sign. Whereas this sign will forever remain active, you will have to pick between the values of five chips and place your favorite wager on the circle that would appear ahead of you. To finish up this process, you will be allocated around ten seconds.

But still, they can place their bets up to the time they see the “No More Bets” instruction taking the place of the first one. Once that is done, the dealer will then go ahead to deal 2 common cards that face up for all players and not forgetting one dealer card. From there, the gamer will then choose the next step to follow. Should they opt to stand, they will have their hands locked up to when all other gamers have finished all they had in their hands.

The next step would be the dealer drawing the entire house remaining cards leaving you with two choices; to either lose your wager or get back your returns. At this point, it is also important to note that both insurance and blackjack will pay 2:1 and 3:2 in that order. On the other hand, the dealer will have to draw to 16 and then stand at 17. This is how simple it will be to play Common Draw Blackjack by NetEnt.

The last ten hands of the dealer will be clearly shown on the top right hand corner of the screen. Both maximum and minimum bet limits will be displayed on the left, the same place where the chat also goes down.

Outstanding Features of Common Draw Blackjack

  • The High Definition Video

NetEnt are well known for their standards of top-notch graphics, design, as well as video quality. Live Common Draw Blackjack has just confirmed that. With menus that are expandable, the HD video appears modern and sleek and has a number of other interactive features on the screen. While the Screen Footprint has been optimized for 1024 by 768, the level of crispness is 720p.

To utilize all these benefits, you will need to have either Flash Player 10 or even higher. The Player’s Chat has also been designed with a player-to-player chat system due to the fact that it is one of the most social Live Casino games.

  • Convenient Billboard Displays

As you continue playing the Live Common Draw Blackjack, you will fully enjoy the amazing and convenient billboard displays that come with statistics for both the current and previous game rounds. In addition to that, you will also be able to view the player’s last ten hands as well as the current hand actions of even other players.

What are Some of the Benefits That This Game Has

As earlier indicated, this is one of the best blackjack live dealer games that has ever been developed. Here are some of the facts to support that:

  • The bets that are in Live Common Draw Blackjack casino are settled as quickly as possible, and all the players are given an opportunity to share the same cards
  • The other thing that makes it one of the best live dealer games is the fact that the seat would be found almost at all times, including even during peak times
  • It also comes with incredible limits for wagering as well as an outstanding user interface. NetEnt are some of the best gaming software providers and also professionals when it comes to live dealer casinos, and they have designed this game with some of the best tools
  • As you play Live Common Draw Blackjack, you will notice the presence of an extensive statistics tool that is used to foretell the future gaming results
  • As highlighted at the beginning, Common Draw Blackjack online has an amazing return to player percentage, and this means that gamers would usually enjoy better value whenever they are playing.

This is another very impressive game that has come from one of the best gaming software providers, NetEnt. The fact that all players here can stick together and utilize the same hand makes this game just one of its kind.

To add on that same appeal is the fact that you will easily find an empty seat at any time accompanied with very low house edges. There is no better time than now to play Live Common Draw Blackjack. Give it a try today!

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