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French Live Roulette by Microgaming
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French Live Roulette by Microgaming


french-roulette-microgamingFrench Live Roulette is the most sought after game in the gambling world. Much like standard European Roulette, it displays a wheel having 36 black and red pockets along with a single green zero. Just like the classic roulette titles, it also comes with inside bets, offering high payouts. Besides this, elements like dozens, columns, and even-money such as Black/Red and Odd/Even are available here. At the time of selecting a chip and placing of bets, players are certain to recognize a handy pop up, displaying the necessary information about it.

The game is a straightforward one with gamers guessing the slot where the spinning ball is likely to come to a halt while moving along the roulette wheel. As expected, successful speculations are rewarded. As for bets are concerned, three of them are available:

  • Call Bets: This refers to a cluster of bets using its function.
  • Inside Bets: This is when a player wagers on any of the numbers between 0 and 36.
  • Outside Bets: Comprising of Even Money and Dozen Bets, here wagers have to be either on Passe 19-36 or Red.

Game Features of Microgaming Software Provider

Microgaming, an acclaimed software provider in the gambling world, proved to be a charmer when it went that extra mile just to come up with its Live French Roulette. Since its introduction, this table game has turned out to be a crowd pleaser. Uncover the reasons below:

  • It has plentiful betting options and higher RTP. This, in turn, improves the personalised gaming experience largely.
  • Live French Roulette as developed by Microgaming is meaningless without its exclusive feature, which revolves around the La Partage rule. It is special because it allows gamers to retain a part of their bets when placed on an inside even-money wager, on condition that the ball comes across zero. In simpler terms, it proves to be beneficial as it cuts short the losses as the ball lands on zero.
  • Unlike American Roulette, which includes double zero pockets, Live French Roulette only has one.
  • RTP (Return to Player) comes around 98.65%, a player-friendly percentage that is more of an outcome of single zero pockets and La Partage rule.
  • Microgaming powered Live French Roulette is a little distinct from the usual ones. The inside bets here can be gambled either on individual numbers or small clusters ranging between 2 and 6. Both the payouts and the odds are high here.
  • The outside bets under Microgaming’s French Live Roulette apply largely to an enlarged group of numbers and colours. The odds involved here lowers as the group enlarges.

Whenever a player dares to place bets on Live French Roulette from the established provider- Microgaming, the same individual is bound to come across inside bet variations. These are essential at the time of playing as they strongly fall into the category of ‘game features’.

  • Split Bet: This refers to gambling on two adjacent numbers, which means that the chip has to lie on the line splitting up the numbers, payout ratio being 17:1.
  • Square Bet: Here the betting will be on a block of four numbers, whereby the chip has to be placed in the middle of all 4 numbers where the lines cross each other. The unfaltering ratio is 8:1.
  • Straight-Up Bet: As the name suggests, players are entitled to bet on any of the numbers, but this should be a single numeral. The chip has to lie in the middle of that number, the payout being 35:1.
  • Street Bet: Lay a wager on any three numbers of your choice, but this has to be in a row. To be precise, the chip should lie on the outside of this line. Regarding payouts, the ratio stands fixed at 11:1.
  • Line Bet: Coming with the payout 5:1, the bet usually has to land on six numbers placed on two of its adjacent rows. For doing this, the gamer has to rest its chip between the two rows exactly on the line over the dozen bets.

Now coming to the outside bets, these too like the inside bets have different types and payout ratios. Take a look below to find out:

  • Even Money Bet: With the payout coming around 1:1, this necessitates placing of bets on 18 numbers, whereby the chip has to settle down on any of the squares- Red, Black, Even, Odd, 19-36 or 1-18.
  • Column Bet: Out of the 3 vertical columns, betting on one will generate a profitable outcome, the chief being a tantalising payout ratio of 2:1. However, for this, the chip has to be placed near the bottom of the column.
  • Dozen Bet: This refers to gambling on any of the 12 numbers. However, this has to be somewhat in the low, middle or high grouping. By placing the chip on Third12, Second 12 and First 12, the outcome can be achieved.

Given the primary features of the game, a prompt go through will enlighten players more about it. Since live Roulette casinos offer free play mode, the same group of gamblers can try out the games without any deposits, to learn about the basic tactics. This way, they can develop a certain level of confidence and ultimately deposit with their real money, in order to benefit from rewarding returns in the form of payouts.

Casinos Offering French Live Roulette

Live Casino Cruise

Powered by Microgaming, Live Casino Cruise enchants gamblers with some of its interesting features, topical being the following:

  1. Easily understandable gameplay
  2. High definition graphics
  3. Instant play option for Live French Roulette
  4. Cross-platform compatibility, running on both the operating systems- iOS and Android
  5. Playing on the go is very much feasible here, given that fact the game runs on all updated versions of smartphones

Casumo Live Casino

Casumo Live Casino never disappoints a Live French Roulette player as it holds a strong partnership with Microgaming provider. Managed by highly trained live dealers, it offers a realistic gameplay whereby gamers can start from a low of £1 per round and go as high as £75,000. This latter aspect is highly regarded by high rollers, making this live casino an incredible place to invest in. Licensed by the prominent UK Gambling Commission, it comes with a distinctive instant-play version, impressing users with its unique list of promotions. To put it briefly, expect a Vegas experience with high quality streamed live dealer titles when trying out your luck at the Live French Roulette offered by this gambling site.

Guts Live Casino

French Live Roulette at Guts Live Casino is the closest to real life action games that one can find. Since they are streamed to a participant’s computer using HD quality video cameras, the experience improves further. Apart from this aspect, it has all the social elements that players look for in a gambling site. However, the presence of only real money mode augments the chances of winning huge payouts, which is something admired by the high rollers. Besides these, the existence of professional croupier, real-time gaming, and interactive gambling sessions creates much of the thrill among players.

Now coming to the question of how to enjoy this popular table game, the steps are straightforward. One has to download the software of an endorsed online casino, which is powered by Microgaming or adopt the straight cut method by browsing the instant-play version.

Royal Panda Live Casino

This casino is the ideal place for those players who demand something beyond slots and spins. By offering classic multi-variant table games, it flaunts its passion in the gambling world. It is hard to make out that it is a novice in the live-dealer section since it collaborates with some of the stellar software providers, one of them being Microgaming. By exhibiting a veteran style approach with HD quality streams, it captivates gamblers largely. Moreover, players admire this site for its quick loadings, instant play offerings, and mobile capabilities. No download is demanded from the players of this site.

Thrills Live Casino

Thrills Casino as a live-dealer gambling spot proves to be one of the most successful online gaming zones. The ability to play French Live Roulette with real money from the comfort of their home but still keep a watch over the dealers via HD quality streaming is what turns this live casino into an attractive site. It also features a viable chat option ensuring uninterrupted communication between the dealer and the player. All this and much more have helped it to earn a name in the current gambling market.

Lucrative Bonuses from Live Casinos

To learn about the Live French Roulette bonuses accessible from the renowned UK Live casinos, follow the list of online gambling sites and the promotions that each offer:

Live Casino Cruise

Apart from the already mentioned features that this live casino host, there is another aspect, which grabs the attention of gamblers the most. This pinpoints to the Live Casino bonuses offered on French Roulette. Let us unearth what it holds in store for all:

  • Welcome windfall of up to $1000 for new players making their first four deposits, whereby the wagering requirement stands at x400 times
  • French Live Roulette fans are entitled ‘Monday Breeze’ where 50% is the reload bonus going up to $100
  • Tuesday Pool Party offering 25% deposit extras up to $100
  • Two of its reload windfalls extending up to $100, falling under the Monthly Splash Bonus category
  • A random weekend freebie to those gamers who deposit sums in the current week

Casumo Live Casino

Apart from the live chat function, audible dealers and HD quality in live streaming, there is another thing in Casumo Live Casino, which is equally attractive. This refers to the payment amount percentage of 200%, matched by £1,200 for new players making their first five deposits.

Guts Live Casino

Promotions in the form of Welcome Bonuses are generous at Microgaming powered Guts Live Casino with 100% first deposit windfall matched up to £300. The only condition is to enter the promo code GUTSW1 in the required space, and there you go! This goes for each of its games, be it the slots or the Live Dealer table games, which includes French Live Roulette as well. However, like every game, this too demands wagering of the sum and the maximum-minimum bets stand at £4-£6000.

Royal Panda Live Casino

This live gambling spot offering the ‘all-time favourite’ Microgaming powered French Live Casino, warmly greets new players to their site by offering a tantalising first deposit bonus.
Windfall Type: First Deposit Extras
Bonus Amount: 100%
Matched Amount: £100
Promo Code: Not Required

This holds not only for the video slots that it displays but also for the entire range of live dealer games. Jotted down below are the steps to claiming this generous amount:

  1. Join Royal Panda Live Casino free of cost;
  2. Opt for the deposit button and pick your preferred payment style;
  3. Decide on the amount that you wish to deposit and click on welcome bonus;
  4. Enjoy double the sum.

Now, since every additional allotted has a specified playthrough requirement, French Live Roulette also has it affixed. For live and Roulette table games, this stands close to 10%.

Thrills Live Casino

Apart from the ample gaming options that it supports, this live casino prides itself in the whopping yet tiered welcome windfalls that it offers. Disintegrated into four bonus levels, it augments the chance of winning £400 on each stage, with a mere wagering requirement affixed at 5%. A grand total of £1500 as the matched amount is what a gamer can anticipate when playing at Thrills Live Casino.

Final Thoughts

French Live Roulette is probably the most attractive title among live table games. Despite being a game of luck, Microgaming gives its 100% to include every appropriate feature in it that would bring out the best in it. Revolving around the La Partage rule, packed with inside and outside bets, this 98.65% RTP-based game tries the hardest to lower the losses of players in an urge to make them win generous amounts. With some of the best live casinos at your fingertips, the opportunity to bet on French Live Roulette and in turn receive munificent returns from bonuses has doubled too.

  • March 14, 2018 at 4:18 pm

    One of the most attractive and popular online games is French Live Roulette by Microgaming. To play very simply, it is necessary to guess in which of the 36 baskets of the wheel a rotating ball will fall and get a win. There are also very convenient bonuses, an attractive live croupier, a comfortable table, as well as three affordable bets and the ability to play on the move in smartphones very much makes roulette desirable for most gamers.

  • March 18, 2018 at 6:58 pm

    None of the active gamers and does not argue that one of the coolest is the French Live Roulette by Microgaming. The thirsty gamblers are attracted by a variety of bets, the La Partage function, one zero pocket, compatibility with mobile devices, a fairly clear gameplay, big wins and of course a live game with excellent graphics. I’m already here, – join us.

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