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Golden Ball Live Roulette by Microgaming
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Golden Ball Live Roulette by Microgaming


Golden-Ball_roulette-microgamingMicrogaming opened its doors in 1994 and has since established itself as a household name in the gaming business. This online gaming software provider established its first gambling destination on the web. The software provider is not limited to games for online casinos but also caters to brick and mortar casinos. Today, the software developer boasts over seventy casinos that are powered by their software. One of the most popular game at these live casinos is Golden Ball Live Roulette.

On top of having numerous gaming sites, the software provider is best known for the production of top-notch casino games. It has well over six hundred casino games under its belt, some of which include roulette, slots, blackjack, keno, craps, and much more. A big percentage of these games consists of slot games.

The introduction of live casino provided a new arena for Microgaming to explore. This option provides gamblers with the opportunity to indulge in various table games on the online platform as the same way they would in land-based casinos. The live games involve the use of actual dealers and other real players. The game is streamed in real time via webcam from the provider’s offices.
Microgaming launched its live casino in 2006, which is considerably late considering the software was introduced to the market much earlier, and numerous top online gaming software providers had had theirs up and running for some time. This live casino began with baccarat as the only offered game. Since then, the firm has been slow to introduce new games. However, as of now, it has a full range of table games for gamblers to choose from including roulette, blackjack, and poker, all of which come in different variants.

Golden Ball Live Roulette

Roulette is without a doubt the most enjoyed table game of all time. Therefore, it is a no-brainer that Microgaming would include it in its wide array of live casino games. Roulette has been provided by the software developer in a vast selection, but all of them are European versions. This means that only the European gaming rules apply to all versions.

As much as all types of roulette are exciting and offer nice payouts, golden ball roulette has been considered the epitome of this indulgent. For this reason, Microgaming decided to make it a new addition to their live roulette collection.

Golden ball roulette entails the same play as all regular versions of roulette. The only difference is the addition of the golden ball feature to the playability. This aspect allows gamblers to compete for various rewards that include mobile gadgets, real money wins, and a huge jackpot. This feature has made the relatively new version of European roulette quite popular that some casinos offering it have recorded nearly over one hundred gamers indulging in it at a go.

Upon launching the Golden Ball live roulette option by Microgaming, one can see that a lot of work went into its production. The game features high definition video quality that goes a long way in delivering the feeling of being in a land-based casino. The gamers have the freedom to change the quality of the video delivered to either low, medium, or high. The layout can also be changed to fullscreen or made smaller to accommodate other casino games on the home screen. These modes switch up seamlessly without interfering with the options or playability provided by the game. The video feed uses numerous cameras that allow gamers to view the roulette table and the dealer from different angles. One can also choose to view the game from a gamer’s viewpoint, which would appear as if they are seated at an actual table. The wheel can also be viewed up close so that the gamer can see every detail of the spin.

The layout of the studio where the game happens is quite simple: some may say too simple, which makes the casino appear lifeless. However, actual dealers are used as opposed to the robotic ones used in previous years.

As for the golden ball roulette rotating wheel, it features a single zero just like any other European version of the same. The race track where gamblers can place call wagers and neighbors featured a square shape which is different from those featured in other versions of roulette. However, just like the rest, gamblers can wager on individual pockets, a color, or select a group of numbers, and choose the pocket that the ball is going to land on.

The incorporation of numerous gamers at the table allows the golden ball aspect to be applied. The gambler who happens to have placed the most cash for twenty consecutive spins is awarded the golden ball offer. Gamers can see how the rank using the countdown indicator that is placed at the side of the screen. Once the twentieth spin elapses, the player at the top of the rank wins the golden ball feature. The bonus allows placing a special bonus wager on your own as all other gamers wait. This bonus round comes with the chance at a fixed jackpot or getting a specific fraction of the wager that was placed.

Microgaming has made an addition to their golden ball live roulette software to aid gamers in making their wager choices when playing the golden ball bonus. The gamers are presented with a statistics bar that shows the some of the hot and cold numbers on the wheel, the last twenty numbers that resulted in a win, and their past results while indulging in the game. That way, they have an easier time making a sound decision on how to wager.

Mobile Compatibility

Even though Microgaming offers mobile compatibility for all its online casino games, it is yet to make its live casino in software that can run on operating systems used to power smartphones and tablets. This means that Golden Ball live roulette can only be enjoyed in the desktop version. However, gamers who have the latest iOS tablets can run the game on their tablets. Even so, it can only be played in a no download version since a download one is yet to be developed.

These aspects are considered huge shortcomings, keeping in mind that most online gaming software providers developed mobile and download versions for their live casinos years ago. This downside limits the number of games that can indulge in the game. Additionally, the lack of a live chat option took many by surprise considering the fact that roulette is a social table game that relies on the interaction of gamblers and dealers for part of the fun.

Casinos That Offer Golden Ball Live Roulette by Microgaming

Microgaming is a big name in the gambling industry. Therefore, numerous casinos have chosen the software providing giant to power their live casino options. Some of the best casinos that offer this live roulette version on their site include;

Guts Casino

This casino is among the new gambling destinations that have managed to build a prolific name for themselves in the gaming business in a short span of time. Guts Casino has risen the ranks fast since its establishment only a few years ago to rub shoulders with some of the big casino names. It is well known for its provision of games from some of the biggest software developers as well as lucrative bonuses and promotions.

The casino turned to Microgaming and Evolution Gaming to run its online casino option. Microgaming has made the Golden Ball live roulette option available at the site considering the fact that roulette is among the most enjoyed games there.

Live Casino Cruise

Judging from the title of the site, this casino is well known for its live casino option. Microgaming and Net Entertainment power this element. The Golden roulette option is added to the mix by the former.

Bonuses and Promos Offered

The bonuses and promotions offered in this game are dependent on the gamer’s casino of choice. In most cases, the real money wins are not restricted for use in the live casino. However, the game will most likely provide one of the lowest contributions to the meeting of wagering requirements.

Having awarded some of the largest jackpots in live online casino history, it is no surprise that Microgaming would offer players a chance at a jackpot in their Golden Bell live roulette game.

About Roulette

Roulette dates back to the seventeenth century when a French mathematician invented it. However, this has on occasion been debated and some trace back the invention to French monks. However, the basic fact is that the French are responsible for this casino indulgent. The first invention did not come with a zero pocket, and it was only introduced in 1800.

Popularly known as the Little Wheel in France, roulette gained massive popularity in Europe immediately after its release. It only moved to the United States during the American Revolution. Its spread in the UK and across the globe saw the birth of numerous variants of the game, but the same basic aspect of a rotating wheel and a small ball remained the same.

Today, Roulette is unarguably the most popular table game in both online and brick and mortar casinos around the world. The game was introduced on the online platform in the early 2000s due to its huge popularity and high demand in land-based casinos. When indulging in the online version, gamblers can choose to play the regular version or use the live option to play like they would in an actual casino.

The most popular versions of roulette are the European (also known as French) and the American versions. The variance between these two types of roulette lies in the zero pockets. The European version comes with a single zero pocket while the American one has an extra slot for a double zero. This makes the latter have thirty-eight numbers on the rotating wheel as opposed to the usual thirty-seven.

The European version of roulette stands as the most preferred version. This is because it comes with a lower house edge for around two point seven percent while the American version comes with five point two six percent house edge, which leaves the gambler with a better chance of winning over the casino.

Not much strategy can be employed in the playing of this game like the case with blackjack. However, the odds are not as bad as they are with slot machine games. The gamblers are expected to place wagers on either single digits, even and odd numbers, or a color (either red or black). They are also tasked with guessing which pocket the small ball will land in. The game is highly dependent on lady luck to decide whether a gambler will double their wagered amount or walk away with holes burnt in their pockets.

Since the house edge never changes and losses are a definite occurrence, it is advisable for gamblers to;

  • Manage their bankroll. Like any game that depends on luck for a win, it is crucial to be careful on how money is spent, or one will run out of cash before they have a chance to really enjoy the gameplay
  • Practice the game in free versions so that one can learn the ropes of how the game operates before they can place real money wagers.
  • Understand how the different types of roulette work and find the best one that works for you
  • Start wagering small and work your way up to huge wagers

Final Remarks

The Golden Bell take on live roulette by Microgaming is an exciting step that is sure to impress. The presence of a huge jackpot makes it all the more exciting than other versions of roulette offered by the same provider. However, Microgaming live casino software lacks a live chat option. This absence has been considered a shortcoming considering nearly all live casino options by the big wigs in the software development business have one. The lack of this aspect means gamblers cannot interact with the dealer and other gamblers at the table. This has caused them a spot as among the leaders in the live casino business as they have done in so many areas related to online casinos.

More information on the Golden Ball Live Roulette by Microgaming from the software provider’s customer support team. According to reviews, they have numerously been regarded as among the best client care teams in the casino industry. The tea is available twenty-four hours a day, which is convenient for players living in different time zones. Gamers can reach them by email, phone, or live chat option. They are very responsive, and all emails sent to them are answered within twenty-four hours.

  • March 13, 2018 at 7:59 pm

    Most recently, I was able to feel the joy of success in getting my big win at Golden Ball Live Roulette from Microgaming. Those who already felt such unrest will be able to understand me and share my jubilation. And for the future I plan, successfully using all the bonuses provided by the provider in a live casino, support, reviews, live chat, to get even more solid money.

  • Leo
    March 19, 2018 at 1:09 pm

    Golden Ball Live Roulette by Microgaming, certainly one of the most favorite games in the casino, for a huge number of gamers. A live casino with a cute dealer and other active players makes the game more adventurous and interesting. Here, besides the usual roulette, the function of the golden ball is added, which greatly raises the player’s possibilities. I’m glad that you can play everywhere from your mobile devices. I’m happy to learn all the secrets of roulette.

  • April 9, 2018 at 10:05 pm

    Fans of excitement and adrenaline from the entertaining Golden Ball Live Roulette by Microgaming can be delighted that now they can play in online casinos, in real time and with real, pretty cute dealers. And performing simple rules of entertainment, using support and some auxiliary functions, earn very decent money.

  • April 12, 2018 at 11:58 pm

    When I heard before about Microgaming, I used to imagine only its AWESOME slots with the coolest RTP. April 2018 opened to me another type of gambling – Golden Ball Live Roulette. I play it and can contact REAL dealers in Guts (the casino I like the most dues its bonuses). The first sum I managed to get there were 300 Euros. It was the great beginning: it is possible to earn real money even staying online.

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