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Golden Ball Live Roulette by Netent
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Golden Ball Live Roulette by Netent


live-gaming-golden-ball-roulette With the continued advancement of the online gaming experience, the introduction of live gaming is a really progressive way forward. Live gaming allows you to play your games live (e.g. Golden Ball live Roulette), and with the help of a dealer whom you can communicate with. It’s like experiences all the goodness of being in a land-based casino, but from the comfort of your space and away from the smoke, noise, and congestion that comes with being in a physical casino. Live gaming is interactive, and you can play against other players. You can also interact with the dealer.

Netent adapted the live gaming technology in 2013 way later compared to other gaming software developers. This has, however, not deterred them from making an impact with their live games. Golden Ball Live by Netent is a variation from the well known European roulette. This roulette version is more like a tournament and involves more interaction than the other live roulettes. Netent maintains its lead on the online gaming platform because of the features of the games it develops.

Common Features of Netent Games

As is common for every institution, there are specific features that are common to every game that they develop. Even if the concept of the games varies, these features usually remain more or less the same. These features end up as identifiers of the institution. This fact remains true for even Netent. Here are some of the features that you can always expect from any product by this trailblazing gaming software provider.

  1. Games developed by Netent come with excellent graphics and sound. The quality of the sound and graphics will keep you drawn to the provider’s game because they are so realistic and quieter colorful.
  2. The gaming developer has an eye for style. All games developed by Netent have an attractive interface. The planning of the interface of these games is deliberate. It avoids clatter which often leaves the player feeling stressed and tired quite fast.
  3. Netent is keen on providing its players with a quality gaming experience. The quality of their games is second to none.
  4. The provider also incorporates interesting animation to their games to keep you entertained throughout.
  5. Games by Netent are made in such a way that they can be accessed through either the personal computer, on smartphones or even on tablets. This makes it easy for anyone to access the games from anywhere and at any time. The games are also available in a no download version.
  6. Live games by Netent are presented using High-quality video which can be adjusted to high, medium, and low quality depending on the internet connection.
  7. Live roulette by Netent usually has its buttons at the bottom of the screen. The buttons are for managing the bet, adjusting sound volume, Viewing the rules of the game and opening the settings menu.

These features of games by Netent cut across all the games. Our focus today is, however, on the Golden Ball Live Roulette. Here are some of the casinos where you can play this variation of the roulette table game.

Casinos Where You Can Play Golden Ball Live Roulette

Live Casino Cruise

The casino has an intention of bringing color to your gambling experience with their website which has been quite tastefully designed. You can access the site directly through your computer, through your tablet or mobile. The casino does not require downloading in order to use it. Their live games have made it a leader in the gaming industry even though it hosts just a few of such games.

Casumo Live Casino

This establishment goes with the mantra “we exist to ease boredom”. The casino ranks quite highly in the UK with its friendly and fun set up. The casino has only two live games, and Golden Ball Live is not one of them. The casino is accessible through mobiles, tablets and directly on the computer which means that you can enjoy your games from anywhere. Withdrawals from Casumo are very fast.

Guts Live Casino

With licenses from both the Malta Gaming Commission and the UK Gaming Commission, Guts has maintained high-quality gaming experiences. The casino is home to tens of live game, and Golden Ball Live Roulette happens to be one of them. Guts works with the professionals in the gaming industry to ensure that they have a range of games that will fit the different tastes of punters. Guts hosts games from several software providers which makes the site quite diverse in the features of the games they have on offer.

Royal Panda Live Casino

Royal Panda’s site is very easy to maneuver, and the casino has worked hard to ensure that your experience with them is one of a lifetime. The site does not require downloading and can be played on instant play mode. Royal Panda is home for many casino games, all from Evolution gaming. The casino has a mobile version which redirects you to the page you were in while playing online. Royal Panda is also known for its generous bonuses. They have partnered with over 20 financial institutions to ensure that everyone of their clients can deposit into the accounts without the need to start looking for a mode of money exchange.

Thrills Live Casino

Thrills Casino is thorough. They acquired three licenses to operate in jurisdictions governed by the UK Gambling Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority and Curacao eGaming. This casino that has been in existence since 2013 hosts games from both Netent and Evolution Gaming. This casino is quite unique. There is a stuntman and a mascot every time you open a game on their interface. With over 40 premium games including the Golden Ball Live Roulette, it could easily qualify as the best live casino in existence. The site is available in 4 languages, and although it is banned in quite a number of countries, it still manages to make a huge difference in those countries it can access.

Bonuses for Playing Golden Ball Live Roulette by Netent

  • Live Casino Cruise offers a 100% match up welcome bonus to all its new clients for whichever game they would like to play including the Golden Ball. The amount is valid for only the first 1000. The bonus can be requested immediately you sign up and make a receipt without the need to enter a promo code.
  • Guts Casino has a welcome bonus for Golden Ball Live Roulette and all the other games in this casino. The welcome bonus comes with up to 4 reload bonuses. Always look out for the codes in order to access the bonuses they have on offer.
  • Royal Panda offers a 100% matching bonus for all its new players and for all the games. While this welcome bonus applies to all games offered by this casino, there are special bonuses offered to live gamers only. These offers come randomly so it would be best to check your email frequently so as not to miss out.
  • Thrills Casino has about 4 welcome bonuses. The bonuses have different bonus percentages although the amount up to which this bonus applies is $100. The wagering requirements need to be met before you can take advantage of the bonus. There is a minimum deposit of $20 that has to be paid in order to be eligible for the said bonus. Thrills has a feature on its site called the Bonus-O- Meter. This feature shows you how close you are to playing the bonus game. The bonus game involves one going to pick a chest with bonus rewards. To access this, you will need to get a few free spins during play.

Golden Ball Live Roulette by Netent

There are versions of roulette that are already quite popular with many players. These include the European roulette, the American roulette, and the French roulette which is a variation of the American roulette. As developers listened to the needs of punters, they realized that there was a need to come up with a variation of the roulette that would be more interactive. It is for this reason that the Golden Ball roulette was developed. Seeing that the game is designed for play in a live casino, there is already an element of interaction. It doesn’t end there for Golden Ball live roulette, though. This game is a tournament of sorts. This is how it works.

Players play the roulette 20 times with a record of the points each of them earns during the game. Once the game has been played 20 times, the points are added, and the winning punter with the highest point is given another task. This player will be in communication with the dealer and will tell them when to release the ball. This will happen every 20 spins. Once the ball lands on the wheel, the dealer will announce the winner who will them be awarded. The reward is usually a percentage of the players’ bet or an amount that will be set by the casino prior to the game.

The player who instructs the dealer has a screen that is usually behind the dealer from whence he reads. The player has 10 seconds to give instructions to the dealer on when to spin.

This live roulette option is quite different from the other roulettes because:

  • The game takes on a tournament like approach. It makes for a perfect game for people that love to compete in tournaments. The three top scorers at the end of the tournament are usually named and their scores made known to the rest of the players.
  • The game is quite flexible, and the dealer has the freedom and mandate to adjust several options in the game depending on what the punters prefer. The dealer can change the amount of time that can be spent on the tournament, they can decide on the turnover that is required. This is usually done by rank and allows up to 4. They can also decide how much the winner can take home and whether it will be a percentage of the amount they staked or a fixed amount they will have picked.
  • The game has a jackpot prize that is always displayed on its interface. The jackpot is drawn at specific periods, and there is a timer that gives the countdown until the next draw.

How to Play Golden Ball Live Roulette

  1. Pick a Golden Ball table where you will play on.
  2. Place your real money bet. Live casinos do not allow for free play anyway.
  3. After the 20th spin, the top player will receive a Golden Ball Button while the rest will play normal and view the game as usual.
  4. The punter with the Golden Ball will then ask the dealer to spin the ball.
  5. Once the game is done, the dealer will then give the winning number. The player with that number will be the winner of that game. The winner will be paid depending on how the dealer and players have decided payment will be done. This is usually either a percentage of the amount staked or a prize amount that was stated before the game began.

The Bottom Line

The Golden Ball Live Roulette by Netent is quite an interesting game. The fact that the game is created tournament style where the players get to compete with the house and amongst themselves adds a certain je ne sais quoi to the game. The prizes that can be won from this tournament are something to write home about. Now ad this game to your favorite casinos and you are in for the ride of your life, or spin, the spin of your life.

As is the habit of Netent, they never disappoint. The graphics of this game, the sound and the speeds all work in harmony to create a true feeling of being in an actual casino. This game is definitely worth checking out.

  • Leo
    March 14, 2018 at 12:14 pm

    As all the same it’s great to get great pleasure from the big winnings in the online casino. Recently, I got this feeling after I won a lot of money in Golden Ball Live Roulette from Netent. Whoever has, using the bonuses provided by the supplier, software, a live game with live dealers, to receive rewards in the form of winnings, will understand me and will never give up roulette.

  • March 20, 2018 at 5:28 pm

    Each game has its own characteristics, and Golden Ball Live Roulette from Netent is an opportunity to play your game live and with the help of a dealer who communicates with the player in real mode. There are good graphics with sound, there is an attractive interface, fun animation, you can play on your smartphone, there are convenient buttons to adjust the rates. Live roulette can be played in various casinos, with attractive bonuses and impressive winnings.

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