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How to Play Baccarat
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How to Play Baccarat


Gaming is no new activity in the world, seeing that it has been carried out for centuries. Table games stand as the oldest casino games enjoyed today, and one of them includes Baccarat. This table set has been described as among the simplest in comparison to its other counterparts that fall into the category, and this review will look into the claim.

When it comes to the origin of baccarat, information is muddled considering how old the game is; this can also be seen in aged games such as blackjack, craps, and roulette. One theory states that the game has its origins in Italy, which can be traced back to between the fourteenth and fifteenth century. This version is especially supported by baccarat directly translating to zero in Italian; this is drawn from all numbers above ten providing a playing value of zero. However, some say this does not stand since the version played today is different in numerous aspects to the one that existed then. Other theories point out roots in France during around the same time. This notion is supported by the game being played by noblemen of the time. However, playing the game was restricted in the nation in the seventeenth century, but this did not stop its spread across Europe.

The rest of the globe did not see the game until the early 1900s when it was first introduced in North America. During this time, it was still banned in France but enjoyed in most other parts of Europe.

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Baccarat Variations

Similar to most other live table games that have had the grace of spreading around the world, baccarat has had various versions produced. These versions apply the basic rules of the game, but other complex ones are included depending on the casino they are played in. Some of these variations include:

  • Punto Banco

Punto Banco is by far the most popular version of baccarat played around the world, especially in live casinos; this is especially in gambling capitals such as Macau, Finland, United States, and the United Kingdom. As a matter of fact, a whopping ninety-one percent of the gambling revenue income in Macau was garnered from Punto Banco in 2014. In this variation of Baccarat, the casino acts as the bank. Therefore, it has the right to draw cards for the player and banker without the gamer applying any interference. All they have to do is back either the player or banker, and winnings are offered when they back the higher card value. The game is played according to strict drawing regulations that are known as board or rather tableau in French.

Punto Banco is different from traditional versions of baccarat in the sense that the hands dealt do not come with any association with the dealer or player. Additionally, the rules are quite rigid, making the game similar in most gambling destinations; this has been backed as among the main reasons for its popularity seeing that players do not have to study up on different regulations every time they want to play.

  • Chemin de Fer

This version of baccarat is among the oldest that have managed to maintain popularity to date. The table game emerged in the nineteenth century in France; this was during the ban enactment on the game, and it was provided in underground gaming dens. The game earned its name from its fast-paced play, with its name directly translating to railway in French. The name was given since this mode of transport was the fastest at the time.

In this game, a six-deck shoe is used, and players usually sit at an oval table in no particular arrangement. The croupier and players get a chance to shuffle the cards in clockwise order, and the last one gets to split the deck. One gambler gets to act as the bank while the others as players. Even though the rules of the game may vary from one software provider to the other, one regulation stands: the wager placed in the bank has to be higher than that of players.

  • Baccarat Banque

Baccarat Banque is similar to Chemin de Fer in many ways. The difference comes in that one bank can continue playing as long as the gambler backing it and dealing cards wins; this is unlike Chemin de Fer where the role of the bank rotates anticlockwise no matter the result of each hand. However, this rule may change if the banker decides to pass on the role even if they won the previous hand.

Playing Baccarat

Each variation of baccarat comes with its rule of play. However, one main rule that remains in all of them is that gamers can choose to wager on the player or banker. Depending on the version, one can have some influence on the cards that are dealt.

Baccarat can be found in prominent online casinos that are popular for their table game collections. The set can also be enjoyed as a live dealer game in numerous destinations as well.

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