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Immersive Live Roulette by Netent
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Immersive Live Roulette by Netent


immersive_roulette_netentNet Entertainment is without a doubt among the most successful online gaming software developers in the casino business. Established back in 1996, the software developer was among the first provider of slots and other casino games on the online platform (incl. Immersive live Roulette). The numerous years of experience have enabled them to gain immense knowledge on how to satisfy the needs of gamblers. This company is not limited to the supply of slots to online casinos but also has its strongholds in the brick and mortar platform.

Being at the top of the game has earned this firm numerous awards in the gaming industry including the Global Gaming Award for the digital Gaming Innovation of the Year 2014 and three more awards won from the eGR B2B Awards they took home earlier the same year. The company is always on its toes to keep gamers entertained and makes new releases occasionally.

Net Entertainment included live dealer casino online options in its list of immersive games. The live casino platform was introduced to the online gaming business not long after casinos made a move to the wide web. This option provided gamblers with the ability to enjoy their favorite casino games with the full environment of an actual casino. It comes with the full experience of live casino dealers. The live option is largely made available for table games such as blackjack, poker, roulette, and baccarat.

The live casino option was introduced in the early 2000s. However, it was not until 2013 when Net Entertainment released its own. It took quite a long time considering the fact that other online gaming software developers that had been in the game for a much shorter time had already released theirs. However, even though the move came quite late, it was well worth the wait.

Immediately after its release, it hit the online gaming scene with such an impact that sent it right to the top of the list of the bet live casino options, giving those that had been in the game for much longer a run for their money. Indulging in Net Entertainment’s live casino comes with numerous advantages including:

  • Net Entertainment does not lag at all no matter the device being used, unlike those offered by most other developers. The establishment of the live casino only recently enabled the software developer to use some of the latest technology on the market that comes with low latency programs. These programs block out any stray networks that could interfere with transmissions from their studios in Malts to the rest of the world. All gamers need on their end is great internet connectivity and stream without interruptions
  • The live casino option is multilingual, coming in twenty-seven languages. The live dealers used are also fluent in all these languages which include English, Russian, Italian, Dutch, German, Norwegian, Swedish, and much more. This avoids the existence of a language barrier since the live casino is offered to various territories across the globe
  • Gamers are provided with an automated option to deal cards (when playing blackjack, poker, and baccarat) and drop the ball on the roulette wheel (when paying roulette) or use a human dealer. In the dealing of cards, shuffle master is used as the automatic option while compressed air is used to send the ball spinning on the roulette wheel. The replacement of human dealers with these options has helped the games move along much faster and the dealing of cards more efficient
  • Gamblers can indulge in any of the live casino games any time since the option is kept available twenty-four hours a day. This is convenient due to the existence of different time zones in the regions that have access to the casinos that offer Net Entertainment live casino
  • The live casino games can be enjoyed in no download or download options. The no download option requires the installation of Adobe Flash Player or the use of the HTML5 version of the live casino to ensure it runs seamlessly. A mobile version has also been made available and is compatible with most operating systems used to power smartphones and tablets including Windows, iOS, Android, and Blackberry

With all these advantages, it is quite easy to see why Net Entertainment live casino has risen the ranks at such a fast pace.

Features of NetEnt’s Immersive Roulette

Roulette is the most popular table game in both online and land-based casinos. Therefore, it is no surprise that Net Entertainment would include it in its list of live casino games. However, only one version of the game is offered: French roulette. Even so, it is offered in five variants that provide plenty of choices to suit a player’s needs and meets the objective of appearing like a brick and mortar casino. The most popular variants include:

  1. European roulette: this is the traditional kind of roulette and follows all the basic rules that come with the game. It also offers the widest variety of tables to choose from depending on the wagering amount the gamer is comfortable placing. Additionally, it is the most chosen type of roulette. Therefore, NetEnt has most tables and dealers dedicated to this version.
  2. European roulette with La Partage rule: this type is similar to the first version in basic gameplay. However, the inclusion of the La Partage rule means that the gambler stands to lose only half his or her wager if the ball lands on the zero pocket. This only applies if it’s an even-money wager that is placed. Additionally, the roulette table comes in a different layout design.
  3. Auto roulette: this kind of roulette follows similar rules to that of either the first or the second version, depending on the players’ choice. The only difference is the absence of a human dealer. In their place is a compressed air mechanism that is used to send the ball spinning. And since there is no dealer to read the number the ball landed on, a laser is used for this task. This option is especially advised for gamers who enjoy faster playability. However, the maximum wager for this version is reduced to twenty euros as opposed to the seventy-five-dollar limit placed on those that use human dealers.

Gamblers can choose to either be served by female or male dealers. The availability of these roulette variants will depend on the casino one chooses to play the game in. Unlike live blackjack that comes with only one camera view, roulette has two. This allows the gambler to either view as though they are sitting in a brick and mortar casino or have a close up of the roulette wheel.
Chat is also made available to display some of the hot and cold numbers depending on the last five roulette wheel spins by the dealer; this allows the gambler in placing their wagers. Seasonal gamblers have also been provided with the chance to place wagers mid-spin.

Casinos that Offer Immersive Live Roulette by NetEnt

NetEnt stands as one of the most sought-after online gaming software providers for the state-of-the-art casino games it produces. The same case applies to its live casino option. Some of the casinos that have tasked NetEnt with running their live casino option include:

Casumo Live Casino

This casino was opened in 2012 and quickly established itself as one of the most prolific names in the world of gambling. The site began with just a handful of games but increased the collection to over three hundred games in no time. A year after it was founded, Casumo Casino launched its live casino option in 2013 and had Net Entertainment and Evolution Gaming calling the shots. NetEnt provides blackjack and roulette variants to this casino.

Live Casino Cruise

This website is dedicated to the provision of live casino games to the online gambling community. This purpose has led it to seek the live casino services of various online gaming software developers including Net Entertainment, Play N’ Go, and Evolution Gaming. This had made the list of live games available on the site sizeable. Also, the use of such big names to power this option has made it among the most go-to online destinations for live casino games.

Guts Casino

Like Casumo Casino, Guts Casino was quite fast in making its mark in the online gaming business. Aside from the provision of casino games from some of the biggest online gaming software developers, Guts Casino is well known for its lucrative bonuses and promo offers. NetEnt’s live casino option adds on to the reason for this casino’s popularity among online gamers. Evolution Gaming also operates this option.

The list of casinos that offer NetEnt immersive live roulette is not limited to these two and is much more extensive. However, NetEnt withdrew the provision of its games along with the live casino option from Canada and France. These two regions were among its biggest markets. However, the software developer defended this move by stating that most casinos that offered its games in these two territories did not adhere to the regulations set by its licensing bodies, hence prompting the withdrawal. However, all other regions where the provider is accessible can enjoy its live casino option in numerous casinos.

Bonuses Offered by NetEnt in Immersive Roulette

Net Entertainment is not specific on any bonuses and promotions it offers its gamblers. However, the casino a gambler decides to enjoy immersive roulette in may offer welcome and reload bonuses that can be used in this option. One downside to these bonuses is that in most cases, the live casino games make little contributions to the completion of the terms and conditions that come with the bonus amount to make it accessible for withdrawal. Even so, it can still be used to build a live casino bankroll.

From time to time, NetEnt organizes tournaments where gamblers get to compete with each other for set prizes. These rewards come in the form of extra rounds at the roulette table, real money winnings, and free spins to be used on slot games by the same provider. However, no free play is made available, and only real money wagers can be placed.

About Roulette

The invention of this game can be traced back to the sixteenth century when the French introduced it. The precise inventor has been debated, but the device is undeniable of French descent. Also known as the little wheel in France, roulette spread throughout the UK and the globe during the American Revolution when numerous versions of the same were created. Of all the variants, American and European roulette remained the most popular among them all. Even so, European roulette beats the American version in popularity due to the provision of a lower house edge by the omission of the double zero pocket that is found in the latter version.

Unlike blackjack, not much strategy can be employed to win in roulette. The game is highly dependent on luck, even though probability predictions can be used from time to time. The basic gameplay requires one to place a wager on either a single numeral, one color (either black or red), or a group of numbers during each spin.

Final Verdict

The wait for Net Entertainment to release its live casino option was quite long, but looking at it now it was very much worth the wait. The production in the game is of extremely high quality which has kept other online gaming software developers on their toes trying to keep up. The provision of these games on both desktop and mobile versions has allowed the provider to reach many more users without the limitations brought about by non-compatibility.

Among most of its services, NetEnt’s client support team has been labeled one of the best by many client reviews. Their response time and dedication to solve client issues has on numerous occasions been regarded as second to none. They are reached via phone, email, and live chat options.

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    Advanced gamers will not let me lie that the most popular of the online casinos are those that are presented in the form of a live game. Such a game is Immersive Roulette Netent, where roulette is available, it is possible to communicate with a real dealer, it is allowed to play anywhere on a mobile device around the clock. I’m already in the game, so join and earn a lot of money.

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