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Live Blackjack by Netent
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Live Blackjack by Netent


NetEnt-Live-BlackjackNet Entertainment, popularly referred to by its acronym NetEnt, opened its doors back in 1996. Its establishment occurred right around the time when the casino business made a move to establish itself on the online platform. This makes them among the pioneers of online gaming provision. Since then, this online gaming software provider has been making waves in both online and brick and mortar casinos with different live dealer games, such us Live Blackjack, Live Roulette, Live Baccarat and Live Poker.

NetEnt stands as one of the bigwigs in the gambling business, with numerous awards under its belt for topping various fields in the industry. This is no surprise considering the state-of-the-art games it provides to numerous casinos in the UK and around the world. This software developer has well over two hundred slot machine games under its belt, all of which have topped the popularity chat in their respective category. This list is ever expanding with the firm making new releases from time to time.

NetEnt is also popular for its adoption of the live casino option. This aspect allows gamblers to experience the feeling of brick and mortar casinos on their PC and mobile device screens. This option caters to table games such as blackjack, poker, roulette, and baccarat. The use of live dealers is incorporated where they are streamed with the use of a live webcam.

After the introduction of the live casino option, NetEnt took its time before launching one of theirs. Finally, in 2013, the Net Entertainment live casino was launched. This was quite late in comparison to other giant online gaming software providers who had been running their platforms for years when NetEnt decided to establish theirs. However, even though it took a long time, the result was definitely worth the wait. The late release allowed the software developer to make use of some of the latest technology in bringing their casinos to the live platform. This sent them right to the top of the pyramid, beating the quality of most that had been operating for a long time.

Live Blackjack Features

NetEnt love casino comes with the option of only two games: blackjack and roulette. Both of them are streamed from the provider’s offices in Malta. The blackjack option is produced in high definition video quality that the gambler can set to either low, medium, or high. The environment of the casino can also be customized by the player to suit their desires. All the live dealers used are female and fluent in the languages that the live games are provided in. These include English, Swedish, and Italian.
Blackjack is provided in two variants: standard blackjack and common draw blackjack.

Standard blackjack

This blackjack version is the classic kind and follows all the basic rules of blackjack. The table hosts seven seats only, and each player is dealt an individual hand from the six decks that are used. The house edge stands at point four four percent, which is quite high in comparison to other live casinos, but still in favor of the gambler. However, only players seated at the table are allowed to place bets with no option to bet behind. However, others can watch how the gameplay is progressing.
The dealer is only allowed to deal sixteen cards and stand on the seventeenth. The gamblers are allowed to double their wagers after a split is called. However, this opportunity is only presented once. The shuffle master only deals the cards in this version, and no human dealers are used.

Common draw blackjack

In this variant, all the gamers are dealt one card. The table is not limited to a specific number of players and can hold even higher than one hundred individuals. Each of the gamblers participating is handed an individual hand. The wagers they decide to place are not influenced by the hand played by others. Unlike the standard blackjack version, live dealers are used to shuffle the decks. Even so, a gambler can opt for the use of the shuffle master device. The house edge for this variant is also point four four percent.

Both versions of blackjack come with a live chat option that allows gamblers to interact with others at the table as well as other dealers. However, neither versions come with the options for side bets as has popularly been the case with other providers. Another shortcoming is the lack of multiple cameras. This limits the player’s view to only one camera, which makes it seem as though they are seated at a table in a brick and mortar casino. Other than that, this live blackjack provision has proven to be outstanding in all aspects.

NetEnt has set the wagering limits to be accommodating for a wide range of gamers. Different tables offer different wagering limits, all of which lie between one dollar to five thousand dollars per hand.

Casinos that Offer Live Blackjack by Net Entertainment

The innovative aspect of the live blackjack option by this online gaming software developer has led to various casinos seeking out its services to power its live casino. Some of this casinos include:

Live Casino Cruise

Live Casino Cruise is a gambling destination dedicated to providing online gamers with live casino games. This is achieved with the help of Net Entertainment alongside Microgaming and Play N’ Go. The use of multiple software providers makes their collection one of the most extensive. Additionally, the use of software provision giants lands them on the list of some of the best live casinos in the business.

There are numerous variations of blackjack, roulette, and baccarat. All these games can be enjoyed in no download mode without the need of a download. Even so, download and mobile versions are made available on most OS platforms.

Casumo Live Casino

This gambling destination was established in 2012 and made the list as one of the few casinos that quickly managed to make their mark in the online gaming business not long after their establishment. Only a year after its establishment, Casumo Casino launched its live casino and tasked Net Entertainment and Evolution Gaming to run it. These two live options are kept separate. Blackjack and roulette are made available by NetEnt, with blackjack in two variations and roulette in one.

The software developer has a thread of other casinos that use its live casino option. However, in 2016, NetEnt withdrew the use of its games along with its live casino option from France and Canada, which happened to be two of its major markets. This was due to misconduct by the regions in meeting the set regulations of the developer.

Live Blackjack Bonuses and Promotions

The bonuses that are offered on the live blackjack tables are dependent on the casinos that offer the options. In most cases, the welcome and reload bonuses offered to gamblers when they make deposits are not limited to use on the live blackjack games. Therefore, this amount can be used to build one’s bankroll to place wagers in the live casino. However, many a time, the live games offer low contributions to meeting the wagering requirements. Additionally, the amount one can wager per hand can be limited depending on the gamer’s casino of choice.

Net Entertainment was the first online gaming software provider to introduce the themed table bonuses. On occasion, NetEnt created a themed blackjack table and added it to the already existing collection in place. The gamers are then tasked with meeting various wagering requirements such as playing a specific number of hands or meeting a certain wagering amount. Meeting these terms rewards them with various prizes such as real money wins or free spins to use on the casino’s slot games. These freebies are limited to use the provider’s slots only.

About Blackjack

Like roulette, blackjack has its roots traced back to France where it was invented back in the seventeenth century. This game stands with other few that have managed to maintain a huge following in the gambling world centuries after its invention. Also known as Twenty-one, which is a literal translation from its French name, this game became vastly popular during the French revolution where it spread across the globe.

The spread of blackjack across the globe led to the birth of different variants, like is the case with most other casino games. Even with this spread, one basic regulation was maintained: the gamer aims to acquire a card value of twenty-one or one that is close to that. However, the value of cards cannot go higher than twenty-one. In the case of Net Entertainment, four variants are offered in the regular casino, all of which come with different rules. They are:

Standard Blackjack

This version is further subdivided into two to serve different rollers. The first is just labeled blackjack while the other is dubbed professional blackjack. It incorporates four card decks in its gameplay, and no more than seventeen cards can be dealt during a hand. The gamer is allowed to split after a double is called, but this chance is only given once. Only one dealer’s card is exposed.

Blackjack Classic Series

This blackjack variant applies the similar rules as standard blackjack but is limited to high rollers.

Double Exposure

The title of this blackjack variant was earned from the fact that both dealer’s cards are dealt face up. Due to this exposure, the gamblers are denied the chance to win in the case of a tie. Additionally, blackjack pays out one to one. Unlike standard blackjack, six card decks are used in Double Exposure, and the gamer is only granted the chance to double between nine and eleven.


This variant is quite new, and its availability is quite limited. The game’s rules are changed in the sense that a hand containing five cards beats those from two to four. Similar to the Double Exposure version, the gamers lose the chance to win in case a tie occurs due to this added advantage.

Numerous other versions are offered by other software providers and the rules also vary from one version to the other. Blackjack is so widely loved by gamblers because it comes with a low house edge that gives the gambler a winning advantage. The house edge offered by Net Entertainment Live casino stands at point three eight percent. Some house edges can go as low as point two eight percent.

On top of that, the application of skill can be used to win the game. This is unlike other games such as slots and scratch cards that are purely dependent on chance. Gamers applying this method count the cards that have been dealt and those remaining in the deck shoe. If the number of high ranking cards in the shoe is higher than those dealt, they increase their bets since they have a better chance of hitting blackjack. If the opposite is true, they lower the bets since the chances of losing are high. It all works by calculating the probability.

However, brick and mortar casinos have been known to ban players too good at the technique to bar them from winning too much. Some online live casinos have been known to shuffle the cards after each hand is dealt so the gamers cannot count the cards.


Net Entertainment has wowed players with the casino games it produces for years. The software provider has managed to do the same with its live casino option. Even though the collection of live games offered is small in comparison to that of online gaming software developers of the same rank, one can see that a lot of dedication was channeled into making them as real as possible. This aspect has made its games very popular on the gaming market. However, we hope that the small collection of live games will expand with time as has been the trend with its regular casino games.
The Net Entertainment customer support team can be contacted for more details on their live casino option. They are available twenty-four hours a day and can be reached via phone, email, or live chat option.

  • March 15, 2018 at 6:38 am

    All true connoisseurs of Blackjack can only please the appearance on the Internet of the popular game Live Blackjack by Netent. In live casino mode, entertainment becomes more attractive. Gamers are actively encouraged by various bonuses and can try their hand at roulette. The possibility of good earnings keeps me in check, especially since it’s very easy to win money with the support of the project team.

  • March 23, 2018 at 6:57 am

    I know blackjack well, but this was the first time I played Pontoon. Yes, I know it was the risk, but I am always lucky in this kind of games. I swear I have never had the same emotions I felt playing in a live casino. It was 100% feeling of reality, of presence! Honestly, I am going to repeat this positive experience in the nearest 2-3 weeks. That was really cool!

  • April 29, 2018 at 8:43 am

    At one glance at the colorfully designed interface of the live game, its fans are rolling in here with a big wave. Bribed by the attractiveness of live and pretty handsome dealers, Netec Blackjack players are constantly receiving here a supply of vital energy, as well as cash prizes. Even without leaving your home, a gamer can communicate with the support department of players, which greatly affects confidence.

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