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Live Dealer Casino Guide
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Live Dealer Casino Guide


As far as casino live dealer games are concerned, it’s without any doubt that the online versions have completely taken over from the brick and mortar form, garnering an ever-increasing number of players as each day goes by. And we cannot blame players for opting to play online because the benefits that come with playing online are striking!

Gone are those days when you would have to wait in line for an opportunity of playing your favourite table game. Gone are those days where you’d be playing your roulette or blackjack title and get distracted by the hundreds of slots machines buzzing around you!

live casino guide

In fact, you can now comfortably stay at home and play any of your favourite casino games from some of the top European casinos and focus on perfecting your strategy! Moreover, the recent developments in the mobile industry have made it very easy and possible for you to play these games on the move.    

However, there is a number of bettors out there who often mention that despite the increased quality of games, they feel a little bit disconnected from the real brick and mortar casino experience.

Well, good news for these bettors because operators have heard your concerns and acted accordingly. Thanks to the live casino titles, the gap between playing online and still experiencing the land-based gaming experience has now been narrowed! You can now play blackjack, roulette, baccarat and other table games from the comfort of your home, which has been made possible by the live dealer titles that let you interact with the croupiers and other players in real time!

Therefore, if you are interested in discovering more about live dealer games, continue reading and find out how you can also be part of this ever-growing community!

Introducing Live Casino Gaming

As far as playing live casino games online is concerned, the real croupier is the most real deal offering you exciting and satisfactory experience. Basically, the dealer – sometimes referred to as the croupier – is the real live person who is going to be managing the entire gaming experience, in the similar fashion that a croupier would at the brick and mortar casino.

These live casino games are usually run using video and audio communication systems where you’ll get the opportunity of interacting with the dealers. You’ll get to see them shuffle the cards, deal them and manage the entire experience.

In addition to this, the large majority of live casino games usually have the live chat feature, where you can always interact with the dealer as well as other players who are enjoying the same game as you. Thanks to this feature, you can ask the croupier to stand or hit just as you would at the brick and mortar casino.

By choosing to play at reputable sites, you are guaranteed of professional services from well trained, experienced and very friendly croupiers. Never hesitate to contact a dealer for help when you need it!

Playing the Live Dealer Games – A Walkthrough

Our guide has so far covered the important information about the people who will be attending to you as you play the game. But how do they actually work? Some might think this process is very complicated, but on the contrary, it’s as easy as follows:

  • You’ll need to create an account at an online casino website that offers these games.
  • Make a deposit into your account. The deposit is important because you can only win real money if you play using real cash. Most sites don’t support or offer free to play live casino games.
  • Most sites have a section dedicated to live casino gaming. You have to click on this button to reveal all the games offered at the site. Just click on any one that excites you and give it time to load.
  • Once the link comes to life, you’ll be able to see the different tables available. You can only join a table that’s free. Therefore its advisable to keep clicking on each one of them until you are finally admitted. You can as well opt to wait until the table that interests you is vacant after which you can join it.
  • Rules under each game are usually indicated under the information section. You are highly advised to read them before you can start playing to save on time and space. Place your bets as you please and if there’s unclear information, feel free to ask the croupier.

What to Expect

The three most popular titles in order of priority include roulette, blackjack and baccarat. However, you can occasionally find websites that also offer Texas Hold’em in addition to other forms of Sic Bo and live poker.

Live Roulette

This casino game is a popular and natural choice for most of the avid bettors online. Once you are logged onto the live casino roulette table, you are going to be welcomed by the friendly croupier after which you’ll be required to place your bet within a stipulated period of time. Once it elapses, the croupier will spin the wheel, wait for it to come to a stop and announce the winning bets!

Live roulette is that simple, straightforward and very rewarding!

Live Blackjack

Despite not being the most popular online live dealer game, this game happens to be the one that offers the best player and dealer interactions. This fact alone makes it very popular with those players who enjoy playing games that don’t entirely rely on luck but one’s capacity to think outside the box and try to outsmart the croupier.

Blackjack is a card game, and you have one objective – to get a hand with a better value than that of the dealer without exceeding the 21 mark. Otherwise, you’ll go BUST or in simple terms automatically lose.

Live Baccarat

I’ve never really been a big fan of playing Baccarat but most of those players who consider themselves high rollers can give it a quick try. There are different versions of this game, but the most popular one is Punto Banco. At the top online casinos, you’ll see this game together with other variants.

Advantages of These Games

In summary, the following are some of the advantages of playing at a live dealer casino.

  • You interact with real dealers and players like you through the chat feature.
  • The games are the same as those offered at the land-based casino.
  • More fun and exciting as compared to the software-based games.

It’s no doubt that the live dealer casino games offer bettors with an exceptional and remarkable betting experience – one that merges the land-based casinos with the comfort of your home. Thanks to this new way of playing, players can easily concentrate on perfecting their gaming, while also benefiting from some friendly banter with the real dealers who are also very professional.  

With a wide array of titles to choose from, including live versions of blackjack, roulette and blackjack, the live dealer games have a lot going on for them! All these titles use the standard rules that are used at the land-based casino. Moreover, they’ve been designed in such a way that bettors can enjoy playing the game on the go through their Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows smartphones and tablets.

Have you been looking for a new and thrilling way to try out your favourite table games? Why don’t you try out the global live casino review of games offered at some of our recommended sites? We promise you it will be worth your while!

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