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Live Poker by Evolution Gaming
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Live Poker by Evolution Gaming


Live poker by Evolution Gaming is a package of several poker games. Players get their cards dealt by a human dealer, and the visual of the proceedings on location are transmitted to the gamer in real time. The games are broadcasted from a land location in Riga, Latvia. The mood set by the live casino has been reviewed as one of the best gambling experiences by most. Options available for poker enthusiasts are discussed in this review.

Poker Rules

These variations include:

  • Live Three Card Poker

This online game is a creation of Evolution Gaming in conjunction with another live gaming software developer, Scientific Games. Three Card Poker is a fast-paced game that is played with three cards. The game offers captivating gameplay that is filled with suspense and thrill for the gamer. Players compete against the dealer as opposed to others at the table with a hand that consists of three cards. The players first place an ante wager then follow it up with a play stake of the same size.  A queen or higher is needed for players to qualify for the next round.

The first thing players are supposed to do when playing this option is to pick a preferred chip size. Then, they are expected to place a wager on the introductory section popularly referred to as ante. Once the bets are placed, players receive three cards face up. If the cards are appealing to the player, they can then proceed to place their bet. After the stake is set, the casino dealer reveals their cards; the stronger hand wins. The six cards bonus wagers available for this option enhance gameplay and chances of the winner cashing in a significant amount in the live casino.

  • Live Caribbean Stud Poker

This poker game variation from Evolution Gaming has a direct game launch that makes it accessible fast. The game is a variation of Texas Hold’em, and the primary goal demands the player to beat the dealer. The number of players per table is not limited, but one can only take one seat at the table. The game is played with a fifty-two deck of cards, which is reshuffled after each session.

Wagers on the ante spot is mandatory; optional bets are available to help players increase their stakes. The player and the live poker dealer receive five cards each. The cards are dealt face up for the player and face down for the dealer except for the last card. One has the choice to either call or fold at this point. The dealer then reveals his cards and the winner of the session is known. If the player’s five cards and dealer’s first face up create three of a kind or better, the player bags the side bets irrespective of the outcome.

  • Live Ultimate Texas Hold’em bonus poker

This option combines elements from two poker versions. Gameplay is fast-paced, which makes it entertaining for most. After a player places the ante bet, cards are dealt face up while those of the live dealer are hidden. Players then choose whether to fold or call. Three dealer cards are flipped, and the player has the option of placing a new bet amount or opting for the check option and remain in the game. A turn card is dealt for the final round in the set of three. The player can place a new bet or select the check option, and at this point, the dealer shows his cards. When the dealer draws the River Bet card, no more wagers can be placed.


Advantages of Playing Live Poker Games

The game has a lot of pluses for the online gambler, as testified by those who play live poker by Evolution Gaming. These sets feature standard game rules that are easy to grasp for new players. When playing the various variations, one should counter check the rules so as not to confuse them with those used in other versions. This live gaming category from this reputable software developer is among those with the highest quality and payouts in the industry. Other advantages include:

  • Bonus Opportunities – One of the many merits of playing casino games is the bonus incentives offered. Bonuses are bountiful for players playing live Evolution Gaming sets. Each of the different categories provided has side bets that act like bonus options for live Evolution Gaming poker games. Most of them have a jackpot feature that pays out to clients when big wins are hit. Usually, the developer specifies the hand that pays out the jackpot amount. The Return To Player rate for poker games developed by Evolution Gaming averages at ninety-six percent with some going as high as ninety-nine percent.
  • Mobile CompatibilityGames by Evolution Gaming can be accessed on a mobile phone and other portable devices. The software used in their development has been made compatible with popular operating systems such as Android, iOS, and Windows. The instant load up for the majority of online live poker by Evolution Gaming options makes access much easier and faster.
  • Customer CareLike many live casino table games, live poker options have a chat button that links the player to the casino dealer and other players at the table. Any queries and matters arising during the gaming sessions can be addressed promptly.

Gamers are welcome to play live poker online and enjoy the benefits available. Games from Evolution Gaming are audited and regulated, leaving players protected. The software provider for live poker and the variations listed above, Evolution Gaming, is among the most sort after in the industry. Live poker games developed by this provider have gained popularity on the web over time due to their quality.

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