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Best Live Roulette Online

Roulette is the oldest and still among the most popular games in the world. It originated France, and the world itself is a French word meaning little wheel. The dealer of the game spins the wheel in one direction and then the ball in the opposite direction. Players bet on where the ball will land, and this could be a single number, a combination of them, odd or even numbers and red or black colors. The online version of the game has not offered the real gambling experience, but the emergence of live dealer roulette has certainly introduced a new twist to online roulette.

Live roulette is an excellent way of having a near-Vegas gambling experience. The fun and excitement of gaming is derived from the interaction between the players and the live dealer and other players. This is perfectly provided by the live chat feature of the game. It also utilizes sophisticated technology to provide the high-quality graphics and sounds which make the live roulette unforgettable. You can also check the progress of your games, check the Hot or Cold numbers and know your favorite bets.

Live Roulette Lightning Roulette

Evolution Gaming is among software provider firms that have been reviewed to have some of the most well-done live casino games. Lightning Roulette has unique features and explores a theme that [...]

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Live Roulette Sizzling Hot Roulette by Extreme Live Gaming

There is a standard and deluxe version of Sizzling Hot Roulette by Extreme Live Gaming. This software provider firm has been operational since 2013 and has amassed a considerable following over [...]

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Live Roulette Single Zero Roulette by Playtech

The History of Single Roulette Games There are two main kinds of roulette wheels, the ones that feature one zero as well as others that feature two zeros. As a matter of fact, there is no contest [...]

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Live Roulette Live European Roulette by Vivo Gaming

Vivo live European Roulette basically incorporates a croupier that is used for spinning the roulette wheel in one direction, as a little ball is tossed in the opposite direction. After that, it [...]

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Live Roulette Live Roulette by Lucky Streak

Live casino gaming has taken the online casino realm by storm since it was invented. This is because it allowed gamblers to experience being in a brick and mortar casino without leaving the [...]

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Live Roulette Live Roulette by Extreme Live Gaming

Live Roulette is perhaps the most popular of table games in all casinos especially the live dealer sections. That’s because it doesn’t require as much skill as say; blackjack, poker or even [...]

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Live Roulette Live Roulette by Evolution Gaming

Red, or black? The ball tinkles as it spins around the wheel. Your hopes rise that the little ball will grant you a winning number. Roulette French for a little wheel, is the most popular games [...]

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Live Roulette Immersive Live Roulette by Microgaming

Immersive Live roulette is arguably the most popular live roulette variant. It is a European type of roulette with 36 numbers and a single 0. The game has all the betting options such as inside [...]

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Live Roulette Golden Ball Live Roulette by Microgaming

Microgaming opened its doors in 1994 and has since established itself as a household name in the gaming business. This online gaming software provider established its first gambling destination [...]

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Live Roulette European Live Roulette by Microgaming

Let us give you a short introduction of Who Microgaming is and what they have on offer. Microgaming is a developer of online and land-based games ( incl. European live Roulette). They have a [...]

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Live Roulette Immersive Live Roulette by Netent

Net Entertainment is without a doubt among the most successful online gaming software developers in the casino business. Established back in 1996, the software developer was among the first [...]

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Live Roulette Golden Ball Live Roulette by Netent

With the continued advancement of the online gaming experience, the introduction of live gaming is a really progressive way forward. Live gaming allows you to play your games live (e.g. Golden [...]

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Live Roulette French Live Roulette by Microgaming

French Live Roulette is the most sought after game in the gambling world. Much like standard European Roulette, it displays a wheel having 36 black and red pockets along with a single green zero. [...]

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Live Roulette European Live Roulette by Netent

European roulette is certainly the most popular variant of the game. It has a single zero hence giving players a higher chance of winning compared to its American counterpart. The house edge in [...]

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Live Roulette French Live Roulette by Netent

Online Casinos have gained popularity across the globe over the past few years. New players have been streaming into the casinos to get rewards that are offered by these casinos. Conversely, [...]

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Roulette is the oldest and still among the most popular games in the world.

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Moreover, roulette online live has created an even more exciting twist to casino gaming by having the spectator feature in some casinos. This feature allows players to move around the playing tables and spectate as other players play. It is obvious that people spend some time watching other players in the land casino and this concept has been superbly implemented in the live casinos.

Live dealer roulette can be played on many online casinos all over the world. Punters can play through their mobile phones, tablets, iPads, laptops or computers at the convenience of their homes. You should always play at a trusted and reputable casino. There has been an alarming outcrop of dubious casinos on the web. These ones can easily give you the best odds, have the most attractive dealers in the industry but you will never cash out on the winnings. All the money you spent with be in vain.

Popular Live Dealer Roulettes By Software Providers

Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette Evolution game has been reviewed to blend the best live roulette and advanced Random Number Generators gameplay. All the usual bets for roulette table games are allowed, and gamers should use their necessary roulette skills to choose bets that are profitable. Read more about Lightning Roulette.

Sizzling Hot Roulette by Extreme Live Gaming

There is a standard and deluxe version of Sizzling Hot Roulette by Extreme Live Gaming. This software provider firm has been operational since 2013 and has amassed a considerable following over time. Games from this firm have been reviewed to be among the best in the virtual gaming realm. Extreme Live Gaming operates under the umbrella of Novomatic. When the two companies started working together, Extreme Live Gaming began creating games that are innovative and combine certain game families to come up with a hybrid version.

Sizzling Hot Roulette is among live dealer games that incorporates slot features into roulette, which is a table game. This variation of roulette draws its gameplay rules from European Roulette and has a house age of 2.7%. There are unique features on the reels of sizzling hot game and on the general interface that allows players to navigate from one function to the next quickly. X mode camera viewing is enabled for gamers to have a clear view of the table.

How to Play Sizzling Hot Roulette

Sizzling hot roulette has a single zero and allows all types of bets. Players can play inside and outside stakes. There is an additional side bet allowed, but it is optional. On the layout, gamers will interact with a panel with fruit symbols arranged vertically like a sizzling hot slot machine game. The symbols on the reels include:

  • Cherries
  • Grapes
  • Watermelons
  • Oranges
  • Plums, among many others.

These features have been adapted from the Sizzling Hot video slot. After bets have been placed, both the roulette wheel and the reels of the slot game imitation begin to spin at the same time. When the ball lands on a winning number on the wheel, the reels also come to a halt. The winning symbol for the game is known after the reels stop moving.

Players are required to click on the icon bearing the symbol they want to place their side bet on. The symbols in sizzling hot roulette have different payouts. Cherries pay the least with a one to one ratio. Sevens and stars reward gamers the most with payout ratios of eighty to one. The side bet placed by a player will pay regardless of the live roulette outcome. Chip sizes rise from one to one hundred pounds. Players can stake up to two thousand five hundred pounds per game in total. This game has been reviewed to be accommodating to gamers of all budgets. Both the low stakers and high rollers can place bets sitting at a table offering this version of roulette.

Single Zero Roulette by Playtech

Those who regularly play Single Zero Roulette by Playtech must have noticed that there are two main areas of betting. These are the inside and the outside bets. The inside bets basically refer to the kinds of bets that are put on individual numbers that are on the wheel. The straight bet is definitely the most popular inside bet, also commonly referred to as a single bet. This is where the gamer’s chips would be put on just one individual number.

On the other hand, the outside bets refer to a collection of numbers that are found on the table gamers normally bet on. Live Dealer Single Zero Roulette has other two types of bets: the corner bets and the split bets.

While the corner bets are such that cover four different numbers connected together in a square, the split bets are placed on two adjacent numbers. In addition to that, players would also be in a position of placing street bets, all covering a certain row on the betting zones. The basket bet is the last type of inside bet, and it covers the 0, 1, 2, and 3 betting slots. It is important to remember that the bet that has the highest payout in this roulette is the Single bet. Players would be able to walk away with 35x the stake they had earlier placed.

The outside bet for the Single Zero Roulette covers relatively larger groups of numbers. One of the most known outside bet is whether the ball might land in black or red, and this pays out at real money and odds. The outside bets that will double the player’s money are the ones on odd, even, 1-18, and the ones ranging from 19-36. The column and dozen bets are the other outside bets that would also win players who play Single Zero Roulette some good money. The column bets are based on the columns that are present in the betting zones.

Playtech roulettes designed for both European and French betting markets have no much difference in the layout since they are all Single Zero Roulette. All the mentioned bet types are provided at the Playtech’s European roulettes, while the French type provides some additional rule variations. For those who play it online, some of these options at certain variations are of the European roulette.

Live European Roulette by Vivo Gaming

There are two main ways of betting in this amazing online game. However, a player is free to bet on any combination of numbers, any particular number, or even the colors that represent the numbers. It also does not matter whether the number that the balls land on is either even or odd.

Here are the two main components in which the live European Roulette is divided into: the inside bets and the outside bets.

  • Inside Bets

For those who play live European Roulette, the inside bet is when they put their bet on any number on the table that is from 0-36. Besides that, it is also made up of the following categories:

  • The Straight Up – This is where the player bets on any given number including even zero. In straight up, the players should put their chips at the number’s center.
  • The Split Bet – This category gives players an opportunity to bet on two numbers that are closely located next to each other. The bets should be placed on the line that divides the two numbers. Just as in Straight Up, the wager is also placed at the maximum and multiplied by two.
  • The Street Bet – In this category, players can place their bets on three consecutive numbers. The bets are put on the roulette table’s boundary line and at the edge of the corresponding row. The Straight Up is the wager for this bet, and it is multiplied by three.

There are also a number of other categories that are found under this category. They include the following: five-number line bet, four-number or the square bet, as well as the six-number line bet. In most cases, the wager is pegged at the maximum.

  • Outside Bets

This is another category of the live European Roulette by VivoGaming. It basically entails putting the bet outside the layouts of the table such as the First 12 or red.

Here are the bets that are found in this category:

  • The Column Bet is betting on one of the three main vertical columns
  • The Dozen Bet entails gambling on twelve numbers
  • Even-Money Bet basically includes placing a stake on a total of eighteen numbers.

Any of these squares contain the chip; 1 to 18, 19 to 36, red, black, even or odd. There is a selection of chip sizes that are found on the right side of the roulette. The smallest chip size is valued at 0.20 Euros, while the largest is valued at an incredible 250.00 Euros. The maximum bet that is allowed by the VivoGaming’s European Roulette is 10,000 Euros. For a novice, there is nothing wrong with trial and error as you seek to improve in this game further. Players can wager on single numbers that have the greatest odds of 36 to 1 as well as other several combinations that include odd, even, black, red, low and high. On the left-hand side, there is a racetrack that carries a number of more complex bets.

Live Roulette by Lucky Streak

Lucky Streak does not record a high number of gambling destinations that offer its live casino games. Some of the sites that fall under this list include:

  • LeoVegas Casino
  • Spinit Casino
  • BTOBET Casino
  • Casino Cruise
  • EveryMatrix Casino, etc.

Lucky Streak has not yet developed to the point of powering its own casino, so it provides its live roulette option in gambling destinations that are powered by other online gaming software developers. Some of the game providers that this developer has had the pleasure of working with include Net Entertainment, Microgaming, NYX Interactive, Amaya Gaming, and Amatic Industries. Its lack of control over its own live casino strips it of having any influence on the cashier option used or the bonuses that are provided. In as much this may seem like a limitation, it has made Lucky Streak among the best live casino developers to host.

The Other Live Dealer Roulette Software Providers:

We can mention those software providers:

  • Extreme Live Gaming
  • Evolution Gaming
  • Immersive Live Roulette by Microgaming
  • Golden Ball Live Roulette by Microgaming
  • European Live Roulette by Microgaming
  • Immersive Live Roulette by Netent
  • Golden Ball Live Roulette by Netent
  • French Live Roulette by Microgaming
  • European Live Roulette by Netent
  • French Live Roulette by Netent

Where to Play Live Roulette

There are many casinos that offer live roulette. There are many variations of roulette available, and they provide all the popular ones. This enables you to pick your preferred one and enjoy it. The main variants are European and American Roulette. The main difference between the two is that European roulette has a single 0 pocket whereas the latter has a double 0 pocket. The American variant gives the house a higher edge compared to the European hence players can win more in the European variant.

Despite the advantages and other factors, there are still gambling enthusiasts that prefer the American variant. Hence, the best casinos have to offer both of these games as well as other live games. Players should not be denied the chance to enjoy their favorite games in a single casino. Here are a few casinos that have been tested and proven to provide exemplary live roulette games.

Grosvenor Casino

Grosvenor is a reputable brand that has both an online presence and land casino. It offers superb live games that are powered by Evolution Gaming. Some of the variants available in the casino are Double Ball, Immersive, French Gold and VIP roulette. Players can play through a range of devices, and it also accepts nearly all the popular payment methods.

William Hill Casino

This is another trusted casino that is popular across the continents. It offers live games from renowned software providers mainly Playtech and Evolution Gaming. Some of its best roulette games live include Double Ball, European, Dragonara, Dual Play, French Gold, German, French, Immersive, Polish, and VIP roulette.

The wide variety of games offered gives players a wide selection to choose from. The payment methods accepted are very many hence players in a range of countries can get to play real money games conveniently. This casino is also legal in many countries. Players can gamble through Instant play no download, the casino app, mobile or PC.

Genting Casino

Genting casino offers a variety of roulette games. There are two private live areas for players to enjoy their favorites. The games are of high quality and are mainly powered by Evolution Gaming. You can access it through your smartphone, PC, tablet or iPad. Both the apps and no download plays are available. It is one of the most trusted casinos in the UK and beyond. They have a strong land based casino presence.

Cyber Club Casino

This is another amazing casino that offers live games from both Evolution Gaming and NetEnt. It offers a wide variety of live roulette variants such as Auto, Immersive, Immersive lite, European and French Gold. This casino was initially providing live roulette by Ezugi software, but it advanced to the current software.

All these casinos are very reputable and are perfect sites to play live roulette online. There are a few commendable attributes that they all have in common. These are basically what makes up a reputable casinos. They include:

  • A wide variety of games live
  • High Quality Graphics
  • Lucrative bonuses and promotions
  • Fast withdrawal times and a wide variety of payment methods accepted
  • Fairness and Security

However, these are not the only excellent casinos available. There are many others that offer excellent live games, but these are just a few. The above criteria can help you to make your own judgment before choosing to play in a certain casino. When choosing a casino due to the bonuses and promotions, you should not forget to check the terms and conditions.

The world of casinos gaming has been totally revolutionized by the entry of live roulette games. Gamblers can now enjoy favorite games in a super fun and exciting way that is so close to real. This will definitely change the minds of players who were skeptical about the online version of gambling